Yoni Steam

Experience an ancient beauty ritual that will leave you feel like you have reset your body. Feel refreshed and balanced with this holistic and rejuvenating treatment created specifically for vaginal health. This treatment has a wide range of benefits and can help with anything from itching skin, to muscle spasms, to period discomfort, and more!

Teeth Whitening

Feel confident in your smile again with our teeth whitening treatment that will make your pearly whites clean like new! We offer a professional whitening treatment that is safe and provides real results. Gone are the days of brushing your teeth with soda in order to get a white smile, our professional treatment reverts back yellowness created by coffee, tea, tobacco chewing, etc.

Herbal Foot Detox

Our herbal foot detox will have you kicking off your shoes in no time. A deep cleansing process that hydrates and soothes dry, cracking feet. Our specially designed herbs work to pull toxins out of the bloodstream, as well as the skin and tissues around your toes. Recommended for hour-long appointments to give the full treatment.

Coming Soon

Infrared Sauna

Experience the ultimate luxury of an Infrared Sauna session. The emollient heat of the sauna will detox your body, heal inflammation, decrease muscle pain, and balance blood pressure along with many other benefits. Combat the toxic stress in your busy life and experience a much needed sense of peace as well as physical relief. Add tranquility to your day by taking pressure off your mind for a relaxing experience that leaves you invigorated. You deserve it!